File Preparation Guide



PDF files. Please embed fonts under Options Advance (this is a default using the Press Quality (1) settings).

When submitting a jpeg or tiff file, fonts will not be an issue because the entire file is converted to a bitmap file.

If the file has been created in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw, please change all text to outlines or paths. If file has been created in Microsoft Publisher or Word, please make sure you send us the fonts you have used, go to Windows Explorer, - Your Local Disk (in most cases :C) double click on your windows folder, go down to fonts, select all fonts used by holding down your Control key, go up to the top title bar click on Edit, go down to “Copy”, now go to the same file you have saved your job in and paste the fonts. You can now email us all the files from the same folder together. The minimum printable font size for black text on a light background is 5pt. The minimum font size for white text on a coloured background is 7pt bold.




It is necessary to prepare your files with bleed. If you have used solid colour or images that go right up to your margins a bleed of 3mm minimum or 6mm maximum. Bleeding a file simply means adding a little extra space past your edge margins with the solid colour being used or images, this enables us to trim or cut a clean edge without any white of the paper showing. Please also keep any other text or graphics at least 2mm away from your edge margins.




Our minimum resolution is 300 dpi. We encourage our customers to submit files with a higher resolution.


This makes a dramatic improvement in quality especially when there is text on the label. A jpg or tiff file supplied at 600dpi will give best results.


File formats


We accept many file formats, though our preferred format is a High Resolution PDF File.


When saving your file as a PDF, please make sure to do the following: use the "Press Quality (1)" preset, (embedding fonts is a default setting under the Press Quality (1) settings), make sure there is no downsampling of the images (unless above 800dpi). Also under marks and bleeds check on Trim Marks and enter 3 to 6mm under bleeds


Please do not send security/password protected files.


Other formats we accept are: eps, jpg @ Minimum 500dpi, tiff@ Minimum 500dpi


Adobe Illustrator, Pagemaker, Freehand, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word and Publisher files (please refer to fonts)


Label printing is a 4 colour process (CMYK: cyan; magenta; yellow and black). When creating your files be sure to create them using CMYK colour. All files submitted as RGB will be converted to CMYK which will cause colour change. Colour shades do differ slightly from printer to printer depending on the way the file is created, printer settings and the printing process. Printed proofs are recommended, at an additional cost of $15.00 plus freight.




Please do not place borders too close to die cutting edges, try to allow at least 2-3 millimeters.




We are happy to answer questions about preparing your files for print, we have our own designers available if required to help you through the tricky bits.


Email files to: