About Us

At Spectro Print we have been providing great service and an excellent standard of printing for small and medium businesses in the Wellington region since 1983, and are one of the very few print companies owned and run by qualified printers. This allows us to truly understand the needs of our clients.

Our 32 years of experience have allowed us to become experts in the fields of print, sign and design, and we take pride in the high quality work we produce. Over the years we have constantly been innovating and improving our services to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and customer needs. As a result of this, we have expanded our services to include labels and car signage to provide the complete printing package.

The high quality adhesive vinyl labels we print can be used in virtually all situations, whether you are ordering them for outside, inside, or vehicle use. We have been printing these vinyl labels for the past 5 years and have produced great labels and stickers for customers from a wide variety of businesses.

Customised wine labels have helped to make bottles stand out on the shelf, uniquely designed vehicle signage has made companies more visible to their communities, and brightly coloured billboard or real estate agent signs have made advertising a breeze for many satisfied customers.  

As a small service-based company, we know that customer satisfaction is the oil that keeps our printing presses running, so we treat every new customer with the same high quality service and warmth that is our trademark.

We offer a large range of other printing services, so if you are in need of any other work done, please don't hesitate to contact us.